All those innocent punks searching for some imaginary messiah. I can see that the evidence remains but somehow I always knew that the bread of fools was out of reach. We've all played the same silent game and ended up on the same street corner waiting for the same dead girl. 

Most of them are terminal wannabes anyway - they've all got their own favourite scar. As for me, I've always been heading towards purgatory and one day, I'll take the last bus out of this skeleton darkness. 

Call me crazy, but did this chaos ever have a beginning? All I know is a goodbye changes everything - maybe some loser's stories get me sad, but I've always had that kind of luck. I can talk my way around bad news but find I always end up taking names. 

I'm no friend of who I used to be, so don't ask me about revenge. There will always be some far away tomorrow where the barricades and the badges don't matter anymore. And, yes, I'll take that mystery ride home any time it rolls over the horizon. 

My advice is, say farewell to hallelujahs and gunshot prayers, they'll always leave you wounded and helpless at some glorious and ghastly movie premiere. 

I'll take nicotine and black coffee blues over Candy floss and a shiny new toy. Any day.